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Today we we were super excited to help someone on our blog contact her spirit guides because she got one of our services. We decided we’d channel this excitement into explaining what ‘spirit guides’ are in general to those new to the idea - A lot of people hear the term ‘spirit guides’ but don’t actually know what it means. Don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. When you reincarnate, you hand select a team of people that you want to help you through your life. Some people choose them and lead lives where they’re not doing anything even SLIGHTLY related to spirituality so this concept goes right over their heads. In reality spirit guides have a number of ways that they can help you. Sometimes they speak to people directly through their dreams and the recipient just wakes up with this weird ‘idea’ that they have to go somewhere or do something particular for no apparent reason. In other instances someone’s guides can leave them hints and loose impressions that are guiding them in the direction of something they want or a lesson that they need to learn from. We’re going to give you a scenario to work with - 

Say that a guy is in a dead end marriage of 35 years. He has a wife, kids, house, decent job, the works. But over time his relationship with his wife grows stale and he doesn’t question it because she’s never shown signs that she’d cheat on him. Then slowly but surely, he starts seeing ‘hints’ that’s something’s happening. There are more instances where she takes off right before he gets home or she has gaps of time missing and their phone bill is starting to dedicate itself to one particular number that she’s never mentioned before.He thinks nothing of this - just coincidence. Then as he continues to go about his days normally, he starts hearing his friends and coworkers mention how ‘someone they knew’ was getting a divorce and he can’t even go through the commercials on his television at home without seeing something about cheating and adultery - before it all comes to a head and he catches his wife in bed with someone else. These are the little nudges in the right direction that your spirit guides can give you. 

If you’re into spirituality, then you can learn to channel them for yourself. But if you’re not into it then your guides will work with you in more passive ways where you’d just rule it as coincidence. Your spirit guides in general are people that are going to help you with particular lessons in your life that you need to be supported through. Say that your biggest dream is to be a performer but you’re nervous to get out in front of people. So before you reincarnate, you’d choose a spirit guide that was a friend in a different life who was naturally very extroverted and loud so they could help you feel more comfortable with speaking up. This is how it works. Some spirit guides are people that you’ve never shared lives with and sometimes they’re people that you were related to or befriended that you want to stick around for a little bit longer. They can also come in any form and aren’t restricted to being human per se, we just say ‘people’ because its a more general term. Some people have animals for guides or actual angels because it varies from person to person. Sometimes your guides can help you with many issues you’re struggling with, or just one or two because that’s where you actually need them most. If you’d like to learn how to channel your guides then you can browse through our Tips and Lessons section on our blog for more information on that :) You can always find help when you need it.
I just really don’t like anyone

I’m at that point where i don’t really have anyone I like and that scares me because i don’t even like my parents, my best friend, myself……