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A margedom
View from the hospital this morning.
Shauna you piss me off I always think your posts are dudes until I see who reblogged it. xlovexisxblindx

Just recently got my ears pierced! 


A lot of people complain about the night, and how lonely they feel inside their bed. But that’s not how it works for me. I notice I’m lonely at 9 am. When the sun wakes me up and everything is silent around me. I notice I’m lonely at 1 pm. When I walk down the street knowing I  have no one to go visit. I notice I’m lonely at 3 pm. When I draw on my yellow paper knowing there’s no one to say “This drawing is from me to you. I think about you a lot. ” I notice I’m lonely at 6 pm. When I look in the mirror and my body is untouched. There’s no sign of someone else living, touching, breathing my body.  It makes me sad thinking how much love I’m willing to give and it’s all going wasted because after all, maybe some people aren’t meant to be with someone.

finally someone puts this into words
Anonymous: What's it like being sexy as fuck?


I mean I don’t know. I really love brownies and I tripped up the stairs yesterday so that’s my life



if you’re gonna unfollow me you’ll have to go through

the perfume department 


Was that comment really necessary

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We are the weirdos. 👽 (at Vans Warped Tour)
Headed to the bank. See ya money jar.